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Media Studies

Department Overview

Media Studies is a very popular subject that continues to grow within the Academy each year. We pride ourselves on delivering lessons which are highly engaging and varied in their approaches. We are passionate that Media Studies allows pupils to explore the modern world and explore the complex digital world in which we live. It is an exciting, fast-paced subject with many students choosing Media as an Option subject and going on to achieve superb results.

Our excellent progress and achievement is based on high expectations of all our students; strong learning and behaviour and lessons which inspire.

Teacher in Charge: Mr D Harrison


In Years 9 and 10 students can opt to study GCSE Media Studies. The course is assessed through 70% examination and 30% course work which in recent years has centred on Magazines, Web Design and Film Making.

Within class we cover a variety of topics such as Film Posters, Newspapers, Analysing and Designing Adverts, Creation of a Magazine, Sit-Com Study, Music Videos, Censorship, Representation of Race, Gender and Class in the Media, Filming and Editing, Radio Drama and much, much more…

Facilities and Resources

We run a course that embraces new technology and looks to incorporate student media lifestyles (tablets, gaming, smart-phones) into our planning. We have a designated Media Room with computers specifically designed for editing films. We have excellent digital cameras and tripods, editing software and access to digital tablets.  

How the Media Department actively promote British Values through the curriculum

Media is a course that directly addresses British values of equality (between genders and different beliefs and faiths) through its course content and delivery. It is unavoidable in a course of this nature not to encounter ideas of “Britishness” and how we view ourselves in all or diversity (on television, news, radio and the internet). In Media everyone’s opinion is encouraged and respected; we feel we have a created a safe environment where all our students can express themselves freely.