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Headteacher's Blog 11 - Friday 24th November 2017

Pre-Public Exams are upon us!

Our first set of Pre-Public Exams (PPEs) is to begin on Monday and to motivate our Year 11 students, we’ve arranged a rewards visit for them on Tuesday 19th December to Meadowhall. To qualify, students are aware that they must: 

  • attend all PPEs on time
  • have exemplary behaviour in all PPEs
  • fully complete all PPEs to the best of their ability
  • have received no C4, C5 or fixed term exclusion sanctions since the launch of this reward.

Further information about this visit can be found here.

Good luck to everyone sitting their PPEs over the next couple of weeks - enjoy these exams, use them as an opportunity to test your resilience and show off. We believe in you and so should you!

Remember our Catering Team will be providing ‘brain food’ to students sitting their PPEs in the form of bacon, sausage or Quorn sausage breakfast butties, with a fruit juice cuplet, over the next two weeks.


Exam preparation

To better equip students for their PPEs, some Walking Talking Mocks have taken place this week…. These are sessions led by subject experts who walk through exam questions, provide model answers which score full marks, share the marking scheme with students and then give students a chance to write the perfect set of answers! They have gone down really well with students and have hopefully helped to reduce that feeling of exam stress.  


Manic Monday!

We had a busy day at the Academy on Monday, starting with a ‘Drive for Results’ session for Year 11 students, delivered by a specialist provider and supported by our teaching staff. This was a tailored session designed to ensure that our students are focused on the best methods of preparing for exams.

Later that day, students in Mrs Gaughan’s and my own English Literature groups took part in an English Literature conference, along with some students from Ossett Academy. The conference, designed to prepare students for achieving the highest grades in this subject, was delivered jointly by English staff from both Academies as well as an English Specialist from PiXL. It proved to be an exciting and useful session, receiving some great feedback from the students who clearly enjoyed more than just the pizza and cookies on offer!


A busy week for maths!

Earlier in the week, our maths department hosted a Higher Tier Maths Conference for Year 11 students; their own take on a Walking Talking Mock. Students got a lot out of the session, despite having to tell the teachers to slow down because they were over-excited!

Then, yesterday, it was the turn of Miss Craig and Miss Banks to complete an exam paper in front of students in the Main Hall. It was the first time they had seen the paper, making it a great opportunity for students to see how their teachers approached each question as they talked through their workings out.

If that wasn’t enough, Mr Flaherty’s Year 7 maths class produced some fabulous homework this week, based around calculating area through something they enjoy doing! Homework was varied, ranging from posters and written work, to You Tube videos and photos of calculations completed at home, including cakes and models. Others chose to bring in fudge, biscuits and cakes, topped with iced calculations – certainly the tastiest looking calculations I’ve ever seen!

I know Mr Flaherty was blown away and would like to express thanks to his students, as well as the members of their families that have supported them in their activities. It’s great to see the students so happy, motivated and proud of their 'alternative' work. Long may it continue!



Careers advice for Year 11

A reminder that Year 11 can access our Careers Advisor, Mr Green, who is on hand to offer information, support and guidance on careers, courses and UCAS.

Year 11 students can make an appointment for careers advice at Student Services. Mr Green also holds a careers drop-in session in the LRC, every Tuesday between 2.45pm and 3.45pm.


Brilliant Bronze!

Congratulations to the following students who have received Bronze Awards this week; Oliver Mills, Phoebe Vercelli, Emily Garner, Luke Swallow, Caitlin Brady, Evie Mansfield-Smith, Paris Condon, May Bailey, Willow Tunstall, Leah Beckett, Abigail Saynor, Maja Jakubek, Aaliyah Place-Harrap, Isobel Davys, Nancy Whitehead, Ruby Bramham, Treasure Mariine, Grace Rowley, Max Drew, Summer Auty, Eliza Stone, Jackson Dennis, Celia Brook, Zak Haigh, Andrew Senior, Alyssia Hall, Polly Jackson, Jasmine Coultrup, Isabelle Rouse, Ana Taylor, Jemima Murray, Olivia Richardson, Jospeh Wild, Josef Summerscales, Louie Miller, Ellie Swift, Phoebe Wilson, Charlie Cookson, Jay Hargreaves, Emily Bottomley, Phoebe Allerton, Amy Lovett-Johnson, Emma Cheverton, Harry Hibbins, Alice Whitehead, Safina Akhtar, Brooke Camplin, Jessica Garmston, Emily Hall, Alice Waters, Ellie Austin, Bailey Wood, Jamie-Louise Daniels, Faye Ambler and Ellie Kendall.



Another week, another netball victory!

Once again we’ve got netball news to be proud of! Our Year 7, 8 and 9 netball teams played against Cathedral Academy this week and results were as follows…

  • Horbury Academy Year 7 won 8 - 0
  • Horbury Academy Year 8 won 8 - 1
  • Horbury Academy Year 9 won 11 -1

Well done to all our netball players and to Ms Beaumont for continually leading our teams to victory!!


Marvellous meal deals

Next week, the following hot sandwiches will be available at lunch for £1.90, or for £2.10 with the addition of water or a fruit juice cuplet. There’s also the option to go large, with a large drink and tray bake or fruit pot for just £2.60.…. 

Monday - Chicken curry burrito

Tuesday - Fish finger wrap

Wednesday - Roast beef sub

Thursday - Crispy chicken, lettuce & mayo

Friday - Beetroot wrap, cheesy salsa beans


And finally…

A huge well done to Year 8’s Ashleigh Jones and Usman Khan who have successfully completed some grade 7+ work in Miss Craig’s lesson. Algebraic Proof regarding the Fibonacci Sequence is not easy and they have shown Mathematics Mastery at its best! Miss Craig tells me that the maths they have produced at this stage in their learning is incredible!




Check out Year 8’s Lord of the Flies display in the LRC! These masks clearly took time and effort, well done!...