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Headteacher’s Blog 26 – Friday 7th April 2017

Stepping into the “World of Work”

Well done to our Year 10 students who got some great insight into the world of work on Tuesday through our ‘World of Work’ day.

The day consisted of a group interview task, as well as an interview with a professional member of the local community, where students received both verbal and written feedback about their strengths and areas for improvement.

There was also a business carousel with six local companies, a workshop about how to succeed in the world of work, a chance to think about a personal statement and a demonstration of our careers software package…...a pretty full day all in all (!!) and an important part of preparing for work experience in July.

We’ve had some very positive feedback from the day, including the following, received by email from one of our interviewers….

I would like to take a moment to single out two students that we interviewed yesterday who were both outstanding representatives of your school. Amber Roberts was the standout student of the day. We had to pinch ourselves that were chatting to someone so young, but she had such a mature and experienced outlook. She was very polite, professional and confident but with a real element of humility which was quite endearing. She gave a fantastic answer to our strength and weakness question and seemed really at ease and her application was very comprehensive.

Another fantastic advert for you was James Armitage. A really fine and upstanding young man with a balanced and mature head on his shoulders.  Another really focused and driven student who seemed so at ease chatting to us.

Both Amber and James showed characteristics we love and had it been a real interview, I would have offered both of them a job!

The day was clearly a success, so thank you Year 10, and a big thank you to the professionals and businesses that made the day possible!


Easter Revision Sessions

Find out about our revision sessions for Year 11 students taking place over the Easter holidays….rumour has it, the Easter Bunny will make an appearance at each Easter session with some chocolate gifts! Hope to see you there! 


Eggcellent work guys!

Well done to our 'Book Character Egg Decorating Competition' winners; Natasha Usztan, Emma Tait and Rishie Patel who have all received an Easter egg to enjoy during the holidays! Thanks to everyone who took part, there were some brilliant entries!


Bewitching Bronze!

As you can see from the long list below, it’s been a busy week for issuing rewards! Don’t forget, that students get 100 points if they get no zeroes on their Progress Checks. For many of the students listed below, this is what tipped them into the awards category!

Congratulations to the following students who have received Bronze Awards this week; Aaron Allott-Ratcliffe, Abigail Burnett, Abigail Collins, Abigail Tate, Adam Luke, Alfie Tolson, Alice Whitehead, Alyssa Bland, Bethany Olsen, Cameron Noble, Casey Taylor, Charles Shackleton, Charlie Tuffin, Chelsea Cooling, Connor Byford, Daniel Sandom, David Scott, Eben Deighton, Elanor Ineson, Ellie Austin, Esther Greenwood, Ethan Atkinson, Eve Dent, Evie Allsop, Gabriel Scholefield, Hateam Zulfqar, Holly Smith, Isobel Rodgers, Jacob Bennett, Jacob Pedlow, Jake Senior, James Sherwood, Jayden Stockill, Jodie Wain, Joe Eyre, Joseph Orchard, Joshua Perkis, Katie Taylor, Lauren Fisher, Laurence Cook, Lewis Ratcliffe, Lucy Watson, Luigi Irace, Luke Boxall, Mason Rigby, Matilda Littlewood, Megan Walker, Melissa Bragan, Noah Brook, Oliver Coates, Oliver Cranswick, Oliver Wilby, Paulina Sosnowska, Rebecca Tymchak, Rebecca Whitehead, Rhianna Rehman, Romana Marriner, Ruby Edgar, Ryan Carlton, Sam Spiers, Sarah Exley, Seth Wilson, Seynabou Ndour, Sophie Gelder, Theo Butler, Toby Burnell, Trinity Layton, William Buntin and William Milner.



Sensational Silver!

This week I also got to present Silver Awards to; Alexandra Campbell, Alice Waters, Alicia Denton, Amy Lovett-Johnson, Anna Hall, Archie Milner, Bailey Shaw, Emily Hall, Emma Cheverton, Georgia Field, Harry Hibbins, Hollie Armitage, Jake Redmond, James Thickett, Jessica Garmston, Kelsey Peaks-Woods, Lily Gilbert, Mckye Moore, Rachael Kellett, Rishie Patel, Ronaldas Urbonas, Samantha Kershaw, Samantha Whitworth and Thomas Roberts.




A big well done to the following students, who received their first PiXL Edge award this week; Bethan Elsworth, Millie Williamson, Evie Brooke and Ben Haigh. This means that they have completed ten activities ranging from charity work, student leadership activities and more so that they gain “the edge” of others in the future.



“Come fry with me, let’s fry, let’s fry away!”

Things are hotting up in the kitchen with our Masterchef heats set to begin on Wednesday 3rd May…

Masterchef will be one of our biggest house competitions, with 1000 points going to the winning house

To get involved, contact your House Co-ordinator as soon as possible and remember to diarise the grand finale, taking place on Thursday 18th May…..Think that’s one judging panel I want to be on!!


On a more serious note….

Police have asked schools to inform students and parents/carers about a dangerous new game that has hit social media, namely the Blue Whale game.

This game, which is popular in Russia and is spreading across Eastern Europe, is played online and spreads through social media.

It begins with an appointed "master/teacher" challenging players to get a tattoo of a blue whale, then as the game goes on, players are encouraged to self-harm and finally to commit suicide.

All challenges must be filmed and shared via social media to the so-called "master/teacher". Worryingly, this game is being played by children of all ages and has already been mentioned at a school in Leeds and primary schools across Wakefield. Please – check what your child is using on social media and help us to keep them safe.


And finally…

Good luck to Lucy Walker who has qualified to play in the under 15’s English National Badminton Championship this weekend at Nottingham University! To prepare her for the competition, Lucy was also offered a one to one training session with a Badminton England coach….Well done for getting this far Lucy, we’re all routing for you!