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Headteacher's Blog 30 - Friday 11th May

Behaviour in the Local Community

It is with much sadness that I write this section of this week’s blog. Unfortunately I have received two emails this week about our students’ behaviour on their journey home from the Academy. Local residents describe large amounts of litter being dropped, the use of foul language and dangerous behaviour on bicycles by a small group.

As students are well aware, bringing the Academy into disrepute is a serious matter and can result in the most serious of sanctions being set.

Please – remember, at Horbury we show respect and we are safe.

This means we respect the local community by refraining from swearing, and taking our litter home with us.

This means we are safe, we don’t do “tricks” on our bikes, walk in the middle of the road or jump over walls.

Thank you in advance for your support on this matter.

A Curious Incident …

Remember, this Saturday students in year 11 can refresh their memoires of their set text, “A Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night Time” by attending Saturday revision from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

All students are welcome, however, the session is focussed at those students who need the plot and characters recapping.

Great “Gears!”

Congratulations to our STEM Club, who managed to win themselves a £20 voucher after they achieved the fastest time in the Cementation Skanska “Gears” challenge at the 2018 TeenTech South Yorkshire event.

“Food, Glorious Food” and Water!

Exam season can only mean one thing – yes, free breakfasts for Year 11 (and Year 10 for their English exam). All students need to do is to visit Breakfast Club from 8 a.m. to choose from a bacon, sausage, quorn sausage sandwich or toast and a fruit juice cuplet. Remember – brains need fuel to fly high!

Following a special request from the Year 9 student council we will be introducing some Aqua Splash flavoured water from Thursday. There are a wide variety of flavours available for 80p.

Keeping us Cool………..

Our new smoothies are going down well, why not try one of our new flavours next week?! Tropical Delight, Sweet Melody, Green Machine, Berry Energiser and Mango Twister (all our smoothies count towards one of your fresh fruit or vegetable five a day). Smoothies are sold individually at  90p or included as part of our £2.10 meal deals

And don’t forget - as the warmer weather continues we have iced lollies available at break and lunchtime!

Keeping our Students Safe

As part of their #WakeUpWednesday campaign, National On Line Safety have created a guide for schools to share about Roblox, the online game which is dubbed by its makers as 'the largest interactive social platform for play'. Their guide informs parents/carers about the dangers associated with the platform and how they can reduce the associated risks, including, but not limited to; 'Chatting to Strangers', 'Griefing' ,'Cyberbullying', 'Online Payments' and 'Information Sharing'. The guide can be found here: 

Leeds Rhinos – Future Rugby Stars!

Good luck to the following boys who join Leeds Rhinos in Skegness for a weekend of rugby matches – Ryan Mitchell, Zak Haigh and Nathan Westbury.

Good Luck – It’s Time to Fly High!

I felt a real sense of pride and sadness as I spoke in Year 11 assembly this morning. My message to them was simple – to remember three pieces of advice.

  1. Read the exam questions carefully. This message was re-enforced by sharing a clip from “Million Pound Drop” where a couple lost all their money by mis-reading a question on Justin Bieber! 
  2. Show me your FACE – Focus, Attitude, Commitment and Effort. To learn more about FACE follow Action Jackson on Twitter. An excellent motivational speaker, Action Jackson, may just be the inspiration that some students need to get them through these tough weeks. 
  3. Remember – we believe in you! As part of this, I reminded students that it’s not too late to make a difference to their final grades and we gave students their special goody bags and good luck cards.



We also celebrated Year 11s who managed to achieve their Bronze and Silver Awards. (It’s certainly not too late to collect stamps – remember, Prom Tickets can only be bought by Bronze badge winners! Attendance at period seven, weekend and half term holiday revision sessions are worth lots of stamps!).