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Headteacher's Blog 32 - Friday 25th May

General Data Protection Regulations

You may be aware that the General Data Protection Regulations, known as GDPR comes into effect today.

Security of data has always been an integral part of everything that we do at Horbury Academy. The new rules make sure that organisations are set up to protect any personal data they hold, and can act appropriately if something goes wrong.

We work hard to keep personal data secure, which includes regularly reviewing our privacy notice. You can view our privacy notice here ( so that you are aware of how we use data and for what purpose.

In light of the new data protection laws involving the use of personal data, please can I remind parents and carers to be mindful of the information that they post on social media or other public forums; especially if this could be used to identify students or staff at Horbury Academy or the Academy itself.

Should you have any queries in relation to GDPR for any Academy in the Accord Multi Academy Trust, please contact the Director of Business Operations and Compliance on 01924 232820 or email

Keeping Students Safe

As part of the National Online Safety Team’s #WakeUpWednesday campaign, they have created this free guide for schools about Instagram – the app with over 800 million monthly users. Their guide informs parents and carers about the issues associated with Instagram and contains useful tips about how they can help protect their children when using the app.

 Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET) Event – A Date for the Diary

Connexions Wakefield Digital are hosting a NEET event on Wednesday 5th September aimed at school leavers who do not have an offer of learning or who fail to take up their offers.  Training providers in the district will be on hand to speak to young people about their provision and the opportunities available, with some providers able to offer immediate starts.  Advisers from Connexions Wakefield Digital will be available to offer impartial advice and guidance and plan on-going support to NEET young people.

I really hope that none of our Year 11 students find themselves in this position.

Remember, it’s still not too late to ask for our support and guidance. Speak to Mrs Jones or Mr Hanby; or alternatively arrange an appointment with Mr Green our Careers Advisor. Don’t panic in silence! Don’t allow yourself to become NEET.

Parent Governor

A warm welcome to our Local Governing Body to Hilary Hodson, whose daughter joined us in Year 7 in September, Hilary has a lot of experience as a governor having served on the governing body of Gawthorpe Community Academy since her daughter was in reception and we are delighted to have her as part of the team.  

 “Round and Round we go!”

On Wednesday night Horbury Academy’s Rounders’ Teams played against Cathedral Academy. In what is starting to become a bit of a tradition Year 7 won 15/9. Year 8 lost 11/ 12 (so close!) and Year 9 and 10 won 13/ 5.

Congratulations to all involved, clearly another good night of Rounders!

 “Food, Glorious Food!”

Don’t forget that as exams continue so do free breakfasts for year 11!

As the summer weather continues we have had yet another cool request for frozen smoothies.   Students will be able to choose from strawberry and banana, or orange, mango and passionfruit. All our smoothies count towards one of your fruit choices towards your fresh 5 a day. They will be on sale at break and lunch times priced at 70p.

A favourite from Year 10 students……..It’s bangers and mash on Monday 4th June. Choose from Cumberland pork or leek and cheddar (gluten free options also available). Load up with sweetcorn and broccoli and top with caramelised onion or red pepper gravy for £1.90 or make up to a meal deal by adding sticky toffee pudding and ice cream, fruit or yoghurt, water or juice £2.10. Surely that’s something to look forward to as we return to school!

Accord MAT Bike-a Thon 2018 – A Special Message from our Enterprise Winners!

At Horbury Academy are hosting a charity event to support Wakefield Hospice. The event will take place on Thursday 19th of July 2018. Every student in the Academy will join in!

Why are we raising money? Well, did you know:

  • £25 would pay for an hour of personalised care for a patient at Wakefield Hospice;
  • £50 would pay for two hours of personalised care for a patient;
  • £50 would contribute to the cost of a syringe driver to assist symptom management in palliative care by releasing the required dose of medication to a patient. 

Our fund raising event is a Bike-a-Thon, with the aim to cycle collectively as far around the world as possible. We are inviting other Wakefield schools to join us, at Horbury Academy, and take part.  This event will be featured in the Wakefield Express in July 2018.

If you would like to support our event please go to our just giving page.

Kind regards,

Lucy Squires, Morvyn Gardiner and Hollie Bradbury

(Enterprise winners 2017)

 My School Rewards

As you can see from the list of names below and photographs, lots of students have accumulated rewards on our on-line shop My School Rewards. Students must have spent their points by Monday 9th July; this is to ensure that any ordered products arrive here before the summer holidays.

Remember- points do not roll into next year. Use them, or lose them!

 A Celebration of Excellence!

It’s been a busy week certificate wise as so many of our students did so well in our recent Progress Checks, with outstanding Attitudes to Learning, that their new points total has tipped them into a new award!

 Brilliant Bronze awards were given to Megan Sykes, Holly Auty, Toby Burnell, Evan Dennis, Cate Dewin, Oliver Hemingway, Joshua Perkis, Joshua Proctor, Charles Shakleton, Joshua Cameron-Edwards, Sebastian Polowianiuk, Marshall Wright, Bradley Ball, Connor Bowes-Place, Cameron Craig, Naomi Frankland, Marcus Hill, Oliver Kenworthy, Aiesha Sheard, Cloe Tomlinson, Amy Taylor, Tia Austin, Joseph Orchard, Madeleine Smith, Emily Sheffield, Bethany Walker, Sky Hampshire, Alistair Cocker, William Naylor, Daniel Bray, Joshua Waddington, Seynabou Ndour, Michael Flood, Charlie-Ann Goodridge, Oliver Proctor, Ben Wilby, Robert Thorpe, Nafanyl Ellis, Alicia Hesslegrave, Thomas Roberts, Elliott Coates, Tyler Watson, Katega Ahmed, Brandon Beaumont, Henry Brown, Cole Halstead, Jack Scales, Neve Dunham, Theo Butler, David Scott, William Gascoigne, Ben Harrison, Archie Ambler, Jack Hodgson, Dylan Sanderson, James Shackleton, James Lister, Jackson McKeeman, Luke Emmerson, Iona Burns, Samyan Khan, Jack Lucas, Troy Thomas, Finley Hodson, Lloyd Morris and Ella Merrington.






Stunning Silver awards were given to Mary Nell Murphy, Andrew Denton, Lucy Parry, Faye Ambler, Talia Robinson, Tiya Harewood, Emma Sykes, Stephanie Najafov, Olivia Rock, Natalie Cooling, Esther Greenwood, Elizabeth Harris, Sophie Mulley, Marina Nasir, Amy Lovett-Johnson, McKye Moore, James Thickett, Georgia Field, Alfie Buttle, Bailey Shaw, Ella Palmer, Amy Burchall, Jacob Brunt, Libby Grayson, Ethan Talbot, Madison Hall, Lucy Bragger, Alana Elsbury, Harry Ballesteros, James Churchill, Natalie Rainford, Samuel Dawson, Scarlett Karch, Gilana Milner, Grace Broughton, Julia Wiezbicka, Ella Barrett, Amber Robinson, Ella Baker, Thomas Hyde, Owen Ackroyd, Ellie Swift, Louie Miller, Emily Bottomley, Tyler Adler, Thomas Slater, Isabella Spiers, Joseph Rollin, Daniel Omar, Lewis Killey. Abigail Barrett, Aaliyah Place-Harrop, Jack Wallace and Jasmine Coultrup.








Glorious Gold was awarded to Rishie Patel, Chloe Kaye, Ronaldos Urbonas, Sarah Kirby and Isobel Davys.

Headteacher’s Awards were presented to Holly Brook and Lyla Hodson!         

And finally …

Well done to Year 11 who continue to work so hard in their GCSE exams – I have been really impressed by their commitment and dedication; especially to those who have attended weekend revision sessions and after school. Don’t forget that half term is full of revision sessions and that attendance means stamps, and stamps means money off your prom!

And spare a thought for Luke Swallow, who will be in France this half term to take part in a week long climbing camp in Fontainebleau – clearly he’s taking flying “high” to a whole new level!


But the true last word this week goes to Nicole Hirst – with a special additional extra to the Head’s Blog!

2018 BROADCOM MASTERS International blog by Nicole Hirst


After I came Junior Runner up Engineer of the Year 2018 at the Big Bang National science and engineering fair, I was given the opportunity to represent the UK in the Broadcom MASTERS (Maths, Applied Science, Technology, and Engineering for Rising Stars) International Program. This meant I would travel to Pittsburgh in the USA to take part in a science and engineering program. I was so privileged to be ask and I accepted immediately.

Saturday 12th May 2018

My mum got me up at 2am because our taxi was collecting us at 3am to take us to Heathrow Airport. I thought I would be really tried but I felt quite awake, I did sleep in the taxi. We arrived at Heathrow at 6.30am and went to collect our boarding cards and check in our luggage. We then headed to Costa for breakfast and to wait for our chaperone Jamie Costello who is head of Science at Sutton Grammer School and works with the Big Bang Fair. We also had to wait for the 2 older students Josh and Krtin who were competing in the Intel International Science and Engineering fair as they won their categories at the Big Bang. We set off on the first leg of our journey to Philadelphia which took 5 and half hours, then after a quick stop in Philadelphia we flew onto Pittsburgh.

Sunday May 13, 2018

We had a meet and greet with the other Broadcom delegates and met our team that we would be with for the week. There were 24 students aged 13/14 from 20 different counties. I was put into the white team with 4 other student and our team leader Dana, I was really nervous, we had to stand up introduce ourselves to everyone and do some tasks to make us feel at ease with other. We were then introduced to ‘The Broadcom Cheer’ this was so embarrassing! I was asked to explain to the other delegates about my Narcolepsy and Cataplexy so they could look out for me, I was a bit apprehensive about this as I was the only one with a disability but they were great and asked me loads of questions and nobody seem bothered by it at all. 

After the meet and greet we went with our chaperone and 2 boys to the Intel ISEF Pin Exchange at David Lawrence Convention Center where the Science and Engineering competition was taking place. The pin exchange was great we swapped badges with other students from around the world, I swapped loads and got badges lots of different countries.

Monday, May 14, 2018         

Our first day of activities, we met for breakfast in our teams then boarded the bus to the Carnegie Mellon University.

First we did a campus tour and we looked around the grounds and at the outside of different buildings there is a piece of art called ‘Walking to the sky’ created in 2004 by the artist Jonathan Borofsky it shows people walking a pole to the sky and means the sky is your limit.

We then moved inside to the engineering Labs to do a radio building activity, we were given a soldering iron, electronic circuit board and all the bits to build a radio. The instructions looked really complicated but as I read through them I found I could follow them quite easily. It took just over 2 hours to create the working radio and I was so proud of myself as this is something I have never tried before.

We had lunch and moved onto the robotic department, I loved this as we were looking at robotics to help make a difference to people who had disabilities and helping them lead an independent life, which is what my inventions are all about. We played with a robotic arm, coding it to pick up food and feed the person who was unable to it themselves. This department was brilliant as I want to be a medical engineer in the future and it gave me so much insight and made me excited.

We went to the Intel ISEF Opening Ceremony, it introduced us to what would be happening during the competition the boys were entered in. There was lots of music and the atmosphere was electric.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018        

The second day took us to the Senator John Heinz History Center, first we has the alumni breakfast where we met past Broadcom delegates and they told us their stories. They told us about their projects and what they have gone on to do since they represented their countries as Broadcom. This was really good I got to ask lots of questions and have lots of information on how I can keep my invention going.

We then did a tour of the Heinz Center, it was amazing there are 6 floors with different exhibits such as the rise and fall of prohibition, from slavery to freedom, medicine and the Heinz history, I never knew Heinz was an American brand. My favourite part was the ‘Clash of the Empires’ The British, French and Indian war 1754-1763. They have rare artifacts gathered from museums and private collections from all over the world, it examines the origins, development, and aftermath of the war. It also provides a unique perspective on the conflict from each of the British, French, and Native Americans.

After lunch we onto the Rivers of Steel a boat trip down the Allegheny and then back up

The Ohio. We were unable to sail due to the high level of the rivers as they had lots of rain and the US Coastguard had cancelled all sailing. We stayed at the dock but we still able to do all the activities planned.

Our first activity was trying to log the birds we saw on the river as they are different to the ones in the city I enjoyed this task and learning about the different species of birds. We then had a tour of the engine room and found out that the boat had 0% carbon footprint and recycles everything it uses. We also did lots of marine biology taking samples of water and finding animal and plant life and logging it as part of the river study. We also checked water quality, oxygen levels of the river and how clear the water was. I really enjoyed this activity; it was very hands on and we were able to use equipment we would never usually be allowed to use.

When we got back to the hotel we all shared our favourite innovators, we each took a turn to stand up and explain who they are and what inventions or discoveries they made. Everyone had someone different and from their own country so I learnt a lot as I had never hear of some of them. My innovator was Beatrice Shilling, if you have never heard of her look her up she saved many pilots' lives and arguably helped the Allies win World War Two.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018  

This morning we had a small training session on how to make an elevator speech, it’s how to make a speech in 3 minutes and get in all the information facts and figures needed whilst keeping the speech very short because a short speech is supposed to make more of an impact so people don’t get bored.

At 9.30am we made our way to the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens which opened to visitors in1893. It has 15 acres including a 14-room glasshouse and 23 distinct gardens. It also has industry-leading sustainable architecture and green practices and is known for its orchid and bonsai collections. It also has a butterfly house and a music interaction area that you can make music by using the water fountains.

Our activity in the Phipps Conservatory was to look at different plants and how they survive in different climates we also were able to dissect flowers to see the differences among different species.

After lunch we went to the Cathedral of Learning. This in an amazing building that is made to look like a cathedral on the inside it is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is the centerpiece of the University of Pittsburgh’s main campus. It is the tallest educational building in the western hemisphere and the second tallest university building in the world. The Cathedral is home to 30 Nationality Rooms located on the first and third floors, 28 working classrooms each nationality room is designed to celebrate a different culture that had an influence on Pittsburgh's growth. The English room is designed in the Tudor - Gothic style after the House of Commons that was rebuilt by Sir Charles Barry following the fire of 1834. The English Classroom is the largest of the Nationality Rooms and incorporates several original items given as gifts from the British Government from the damaged House of Commons.

I love this building and I would really love to study here.

We left the Cathedral of Learning and headed back to practice our elevation speech and present our projects to each other. We had to 3 minutes to speak about our science or engineering project and how it works. We all had very different projects and it was great to hear what the other delegates have done to get to be chosen for this program.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The last day of our Broadcom Journey.

We visited the Intel ISEF fair to look around all the projects that are the overall winning projects in the student’s countries. It was really big and we tried to look at everything but it wasn’t possible. I managed to go look at the Engineering section which is what I am most interested in; the projects were amazing and I have been inspired to carry on my journey with my inventions. All the competitors were brilliant and spoke to us and told us how to take the next steps. My ambition is now to take my projects further and maybe I could win a place at the international finals.

After lunch we went to the Duquesne Incline, it is an incline plane railroad the incline was completed in 1877 and is 800 feet (244 m) long, 400 feet (122 m) in height, and in inclined at a 30-degree angle. Originally steam powered, the Duquesne Incline was built to carry cargo up and down Mount Washington in the late 19th century. It later carried passengers, particularly Mount Washington residents who were tired of walking up footpaths to the top. 

The views were amazing and I managed to overcome some of my fears, I have a massive fear of heights and it brings on my cataplexy but I managed to get to the top and even take some photographs.

In the evening we went to Intel ISEF Special Awards Ceremony for the students who had been completing, these awards are from universities and businesses from all around the world. If a student or students win they win either a scholarship or money to develop their project.

Friday 18th May 2018

In the morning we attended Intel ISEF Grand Awards Ceremony which are the main prizes for the competitors that took part in the Engineering and Science fair. The UK was very lucky as Josh won 4th place in his engineering category and Krtin was 3rd in his science category. Over $4 million was given out in prizes over the last 2 days.

Then it was time to collect our luggage from the hotel and head for the airport. We travelled from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. We got to Philly and boarded our plane and sat waiting to take off, there was an announcement there was a mechanical fault with the plane and we had to sit there for 3 hours until it was fixed. Finally it was time to set off again we taxied down the runway and then another announcement came the plane had the same fault and we would have to go back and the flight would be cancelled.

We got back to the terminal and put on standby, we were in delayed by 27 hours in total in the airport and this was not fun. I have never been so tired, bored or emotional in all my life I just wanted to get home luckily I had my mum but I wanted to see my dad and dogs. We eventually got home on Sunday after lunch about 32 hours after we should have been home.

This was an amazing experience and I am one of a few students to be able to say I am now part of the Broadcom MASTERS Alumni and represented the UK. I just want to say I am not the most academic person but I have a passion and dream to help myself and others that suffer from Narcolepsy and Cataplexy and will not give up until my brand is out there. If you have a dream follow it.