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LGBTQ Ambassadors



As Horbury Academy’s ‘Barnardo’s Equality Ambassadors’, we would like to welcome you to our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or Questioning (LGBTQ) web page.

We will use this space to provide information and advice and to keep you up to date with our work, through a half-termly newsletter, which you will find below. 


Being a Barnardo’s Equality Ambassador

Our role as Barnardo’s Equality Ambassadors is to listen, support, advise, challenge and fight for the rights of those who identify as LGBTQ to be able to have the same life chances and experiences as everyone else.

A person’s identity should not represent a barrier in their life. With our support, we hope young people will feel safe and empowered to be their full selves.

If you would like to talk to us, find out more, become an Ambassador, or help with upcoming LGBTQ events, you can identify us by our BEAM badges! 



Our Celebrating Difference Promises

Part of our work has been to establish some celebrating difference promises....We promise that:

  • our Academy will be a safe place for everyone, where people are proud to be who they are and are not bullied because of this
  • our Academy will celebrate how different we all are in our assemblies, lessons, books and displays
  • our staff will be able to support children who need any help around their identity
  • our staff will know about services that can support children with issues around their identity
  • our Academy will always challenge people who are bullying others because of their identity -  we will also make sure that children feel OK to tell someone if this happens to them, or anyone else.


Anti-Bullying Week

We ran a poster competition in support of national Anti-Bullying Week and we got so many fabulous entries, we couldn't decide between them! In the end, we decided to pull words and graphic elements from them all in order to produce a GIF.... and here it is! This is our take on bullying....


Further Advice and Support

Outside of Horbury Academy, you may also find the following websites useful:

Local organisations...

National organisations...