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SEND Information and Statement

All of our policies and statutory documents relating to SEND provision are below.

Administration of Medication Policy

Managing Medicines Parental Agreement

Medical Letter

SEND Policy

Criteria for placement on the SEND register

Accessibility Plan

The Horbury Academy Offer

SEND Information Report

FAQ’s for students about SEND provision at Horbury Academy

How does the Academy know if I need extra help?

When you arrive at Horbury Academy in Year 7 we will already have spent a lot of time with your teachers from primary school. They will tell us if you have any additional needs and we will make sure you have extra visits before the transfer to Horbury Academy. Once you are here you will be assessed every six weeks which is called a Progress Check. This will show how you are making progress towards your personal targets so that helps us know if you need extra help.

What should I do if I need extra help?

First of all talk to your form tutor, as you will see them every day. You can also talk to your subject teacher and they will look at your marks and grades to see what the problem might be, and then decide what extra help needs to be put in place. You can also go to our Homework Club in ICT1 and Learning Resource Centre (LRC).

Who will help and explain things to me?

Every year there is a Parents’ Evening. Progress Checks go home so you can come with your parents to the evening and meet your teachers. If you have a Statement or an Educational Health Care Plan then there will be a meeting once a year where everyone comes together to talk with you about how things are going in the Academy. You may have a member of staff to work with you, a Teaching Assistant or a Learning Mentor. You may find it better to work in the Inclusion Centre or Intervention Centre at some points in the week. 

What should I do if I am worried about something?

You can talk to our Student Support Team, your Head of Year or your Form Tutor who you see every morning. We also have three Learning Mentors who are really helpful people who are based in the Intervention Centre. They can help by talking to a teacher for you or helping you to solve the problem.

How will I know if I am doing as well as I should?

Every subject has a scheme of work so teachers know what has to be taught. At each Progress Check your effort is graded and so is your achievement. We can see where you are making most progress. If you get extra literacy or numeracy support then you will be tested at the start and at the end of the programme so we see how much progress you have made. You may also follow the Bright Stars or Writing Challenge intervention programmes to help you.

How can I get help if I am worried about general things?

Our Student Support service has a team of people who can help. They can direct you to the right person or help you with who you might want to speak to. We have a group of trained student mentors on hand to help.

Are there staff in Horbury Academy who are trained to work with students who need help?

Mrs Martin oversees our special educational needs provision, however there is a team of staff who also help children with a wide variety of additional needs. Mrs Robinson is our Child Protection Officer and she is normally in the Inclusion Centre along with a team of teaching assistants and Mr Khoshkoo, our Educational Psychologist.

Who can help from outside the Academy?

We have Mrs Imeson, our Education Welfare Officer and Mr Khan who leads the Impact Centre. We can also ask for help from the Local Authority, Targeted Youth Support, Police Liaison Team, school nurses and other external agencies.


FAQs for Parents/Carers about SEND provision at Horbury Academy


How does Horbury Academy know if children/need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs?


Information is passed on during our transition process from primary schools so we know about students coming to our school. The same happens if your child transfers from another school or Academy.


Academy staff may identify a student in their class and raise it with the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo). If you feel your child has a special educational need contact the Academy and they will pass the information on to the SENCo who will contact you back to discuss your concerns and the next steps that will be taken. Our SENCo is Mrs Martin.  


How will Horbury Academy staff support my child?


The SENCo will oversee support for Statemented students, those with Education Health Care Plans and other students with a special educational need. The support for these students will come in a variety of ways such as Teaching Assistants, class work suited to the child’s ability, extra literacy/numeracy support, specialist teaching, reading interventions, alternative groupings or lessons and options choices. This will be personal to the child as not all children will require the same support. Your child may also receive support from their Head of Year, Form Tutor or Learning Mentor.


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