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Safeguarding is the process of protecting children from abuse and neglect, a way of preventing an impairment of their health and development. Safeguarding ensures children and young people are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care that optimises their life chances in order to enter adulthood successfully.

At Horbury Academy, every member of staff, at every level, has a responsibility in keeping our young people safe, in every aspect of their work, whether it is for example:-

  • never promising confidentiality to a child who may have disclosed something;
  • responding immediately following our strict procedures when concerns have been raised;
  • building and maintaining sound relationships with our students where professional boundaries are observed at all times; 
  • behaving as a role model for young people at all times;
  • ensuring zero tolerance to bullying;
  • remembering our mantra that "it could happen here" particularly with regard to the modern threats of radicalisation, child sexual exploitation and female genital mutilation (FGM) ensuring we educate our students in order to protect them;
  • working positively alongside parents and agencies in order to ensure all our children remain safe both inside and outside the Academy;
  • ensuring no unauthorised personnel are admitted onto our site;
  • ensuring a clean, safe environment  that is fit for purpose. 

Safeguarding our young people is at the forefront of what we do every day and we are confident our provision is firmly embedded through our ethos and across the curriculum, a flavour of our key actions are:-

  • listening to our students;
  • embedding student safety through Personal, Social, Health and Citzenship Education (PSHCE);
  • recruiting a ‘suitable to work with children’ workforce in line with Safer Recruitment Guidance;
  • ensuring robust vetting checks are consistently carried out for all, including volunteers;
  • providing quality induction and refresher training for both our teaching and support members of staff, including Exam Invigilators as relief workers, on an annual basis;
  • ensuring the Directors of Horbury Academy understand their responsibilities as contained within the Safeguarding Policy, quality assuring the following procedures on an agreed basis:-

-       Safeguarding Policy

-       Code of Conduct Poicy

-       Anti-Bullying Policy

-       Equal Opportunities Policy

-       Complaints Procedure

-       Administration and Medicines Policy

-       Managing Allegations Against Staff Policy

-       Whistleblowing Policy

-       Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy

-       Health and Safety Policy

-       SEND Policy

  • Working in partnership with our parents/carers, agencies, consortium partners and local Academies to consult, listen and reflect how we can improve the safety of the students in our care.

 Horbury Academy is committed to ensuring our students feel secure, happy and safe.

Please contact Dawn Robinson, the Academy’s Child Protection Officer on 01924 282754 or by email should you require advice or wish to report something of concern.