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Careers Information Advice and Guidance

Horbury Academy gives information, advice and guidance to students on a wide range of issues that help them build the skills they will need for working life.

Careers Advice & Guidance

Careers Information, Advice and Guidance is available to all students to enable them to make decisions about their education and career choices.

Careers Leader: Mr Dan Green

E mail:

Telephone: 01924 282740

Careers Education and Guidance –  Monitoring and Evaluation

At Horbury Academy and through out the trust we consistently monitor and review the the impact of all the activities we carry out. This includes the provision of Careers Education and Guidance. We review the delivery of the program constantly to meet the needs of our young people through evaluation and consultation. The Careers Guidance policy outlines in further detail how this is carried out. The policy is formally updated every two years.

Careers Provision

Careers is integral part of the curriculum offer within the Academy and aims to ensure students achieve the appropriate guidance to make informed choices and to be able to progress positively when they leave.

The careers provision and activities, set out below are in line with the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks to enable breadth and choices for students in their career decisions for the future. The careers provision is constantly being reviewed to ensure it meets the needs of the students.

Further information about Careers and Provider Access to the academy can be found in the policy section of the Accord Trust Website or alternatively by contacting Mr D Green (Employment & Progression Manage – Careers Leader)


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

PSHE Lessons / Form Learning -

Introduction to Careers

(Gatsby 1 & 4)

Enterprise Activities: Direct Marketing Challenge, Wakefield Hospice, Inspiring Digital Enterprise, Award Enterprise

(Gatsby 3, 5)

PSHE Lesson / Form Learning -

Enterprise Project

Kirklees College (Gatsby 1, 5 & 7)

World of Work Day & Mock Interview Day (Gatsby 5)

Wakefield District Careers Fair

(Gatsby 2, 3, 5, 7)

Annual Careers Survey - Aspirations (Gatsby 1 & 3)
University Visits (Gatsby 7)

PSHE Lesson / Form Learning - research 

Careers & Future Opportunities

(Gatsby 1, 5 & 7)

PSHE Lessons / Form Learning - Mock Interview 

Application Forms (Gatsby 1, 3 & 4)

Apprenticeship Workshops

(Gatsby 5 & 7)

Options Fair -

Students /Parents (Gatsby 3, 5 & 7)

Building Skills Program

(Gatsby 1, 3 & 4)

UCAS Progress Application Workshops

(Gatsby 3)

National Apprenticeship Week & International Women's Day (Gatsby 1, 5 & 7)

PSHE Lessons/ Form Learning -

Career Decision Making

(Gatsby 1)

PSHE Lessons/ Form - Support to research post 16 opportunities & complete applications

(Gatsby 3)

Labour Market Information - LMI Assemblies delivered by LEP (Gatsby 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)
Individual Guidance Appointments - Drop in sessions available to all (Gatsby 3 & 8)

PSHE Lessons/ Form Learning - Options/making choices

(Gatsby 1 & 4)

Targeted Careers  Appointments - Vulnerable Groups and Referred Appointments (Gatsby 3 & 8)
Evaluation of Careers Service Delivery, Students Aspirations & Careers Events (Gatsby 1)
Aspire Program - Gifted & Talented Students (Gatsby 3, 4, 7)

Targeted Evening- Parents & Students Careers Fair

(Gatsby 2, 3 & 7)

STEM CLUB (Mars Challenge & Lego League)

STEM - Maths Challenge

(Gatsby 4)

KS4 Parents' Evening - Post 16 Options & Progression (Gatsby 1 & 7)
Enterprise Events - Charity Fundraising (Gatsby 4 & 5)
Whole Academy Careers Week (Gatsby 2, 4, 5 & 7)


Careers Overview

Some students will also be offered individual careers advice by Mr Green (Careers Advisor / Careers Leader).

Students can access additional Careers Information, Advice and Guidance in the following ways:

  • Access support from the National Careers' Services online or by phone on 0800 100 900
  • Drop in sessions every Tuesday before school, at break/lunch or after school in the LRC with Mr Green
  • Using the careers resources in LRC
  • Support to complete post-16 applications through UCAS Progress, the common application system used nationally to apply for post-16 opportunities. For more information visit

Careers Resources

At the Academy we have access to a wide variety of careers resources both web and paper based. In the LRC there are prospectuses for all the local Further Education Colleges as well as access to internet sites for researching careers information and opportunities in general in ICT rooms.

Student Destinations

The Destination Data Summary outlines the destination data for Horbury Academy, showing the current breakdown of destinations for the 2018 cohort and the three year Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) and In - Learning trend. 

Year 8

In Year 8, students will attend a University in the Yorkshire and Humberside region for a taster day. This will expose students to the opportunities and enrichment available at University. 

Students will also start to explore their personal skills, decision making skills and job suitablility, through structured PSCHE lessons.

Year 9

In PSCHE lessons students will explore making appropriate careers decisons, complete a job suitability presentation, look at stereotying in the work place, the World of Work, having a job for life, preparing for work and investigate where their money will go.

Year 10

In Year 10, students will be invited to attend taster days at Accord Sixth Form College (Ossett).

Students will complete a well structured careers programme through the Building My Skills Course (EHS Group) during PSCHE teaching. This will focus on exploring skills used in everyday life, skills required for different jobs, controlling your own finances, challenging attitudes in the work place, assessing one's suitability for a job, job searches and preparation and looking at one's job choices. Businesses will present to students during each term and follow up activities will be completed.

Year 11

In Year 11, students are invited to the CLC Progression Event. This will enable students to get an understanding of the options available to them Post 16. Students will have the opportunity to talk to training providers, find out information about Further Education and Higher Education establishments and also take part in careers related demonstrations. 

Students are taught skills for making successful applications to post-16 courses. Support can be given to students about writing job and college applications, writing a job application letter and CV and learn even more about effective interview techniques.

In addition, a comprehensive PSCHE careers programme is offered. Students focus on post 16 opportunities, how to achieve one's goals, together with applying for jobs and the skillls required for them. Students will also develop their CV and covering letter. Business mentoring is also available.

Student Entitlement

Students of Horbury Academy are entitled to: 

  • individual and impartial careers guidance from a suitably qualified professional
  • the opportunity to gain the skills that they need to prosper in their chosen career
  • access up to date careers information that is suitable to their needs
  • information about all the options available to them at 16 years of age
  • be referred for extra support if they need it and to other agencies where appropriate.

Parent/Carers Entitlement

Parents/Carers of a student at Horbury Academy are entitled to:

  • speak to a member of staff about their child's career plans

  • impartial and up to date information on post 16 option choices

  • attend events and Parent’s Evenings designed to offer information and advice on your future choices.

Key Staff

Staff Name



Mrs J Jones

Assistant Headteacher (Information, Advice and Guidance) or 019242 282740

Mrs E Speak

Transition Co-ordinator or 019242 282740

Mr D Green 

Careers Advisor or 019242 282740


Find out more in Mr Green's Careers and Next Steps presentation here.